Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) in Fort Worth

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How can a tummy tuck help?


Tighten Abdominal Muscles

Pregnancy, natural aging, and weight gain can cause the abdominal muscles to become stretched and separated. These loose muscles often cause the abdomen to permanently protrude from the body and can not be fixed by exercise. During your tummy tuck, your abdominal muscles are tightened to improve the strength and shape in the midsection.

Remove Stretch Marks

Weight gain and pregnancy are nearly always accompanied by stretch marks as the skin expands. Stretch marks that appear on the skin of the lower abdomen are eliminated as this excess skin is removed.

Eliminate Stubborn Fat

Patients who have achieved a healthy weight are often left with areas of fat deposits that are difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise alone. Liposuction can be performed during the tummy tuck procedure to remove this stubborn fat and produce a more slender midsection.

Improved Confidence

You are beautiful without a tummy tuck. However, the change in how we look often can result in improved confidence which is truly empowering and transformative to many women.

What to Expect

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The Westside Plastic Surgery team is excited to meet you! At your consultation appointment, Dr. Goggin will review your medical history,  discuss your goals, perform a brief physical examination, and then provide you with his professional recommendations. He will spend time reviewing before and after photos, discuss a variety of treatment options, and answer any questions that you may have. He takes his time to create a personalized plan to reach your desired aesthetic outcome. His team will then provide you information regarding recovery timeline, cost of procedure, and financing options. Dr. Goggin is knowledgeable in the latest research, techniques, and advances in the field to provide you the best care possible.


Before your surgery, our team will give you a pre-operative packet with a list of instructions in preparation for your surgery. We will spend time reviewing these instructions with you to ensure that you are confident and comfortable before your procedure. Our goal is to provide education and be there for you every step of the way. Patients should be off all blood thinners 2 weeks prior to surgery. We advise strict smoking/nicotine cessation 6 weeks prior to surgery and 6 weeks after. 

Recovery Timeline

Dr. Goggin and the Westside team will give you specific information regarding aftercare to optimize your post-op recovery. Our team will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Recovery time can be variable between patients and surgeries. After tummy tuck surgery, recovery is typically 2-4 weeks. Most patients will require assistance for the first 24 hours after surgery.  

Tummy Tuck procedure Fort Worth

Tummy Tuck Results

It can take a few months for the swelling to fully subside and reveal your new contours. Thereafter, the results are considered indefinite. As long as you maintain a steady weight (and do not get pregnant again), your tightened skin should continue to fit snuggly around your midsection for the rest of your life.

Tummy Tuck Costs

The price of abdominoplasty begins at $12,000, though costs vary depending on the specific cosmetic concerns that Dr. Goggin addresses with surgery. He customizes a surgical plan to best achieve your goals. Tummy tuck is not covered by most insurance plans because it is an elective procedure, but financing options are available.

Complementary Procedures

Tummy Tuck Fort WorthOften, tummy tuck is combined with liposuction. On its own, abdominoplasty can remove some unwanted fat, but if you have a significant amount of fat you would like to eliminate from your midsection, liposuction may be necessary.

Because tummy tuck is so popular with women who have had children, this surgery is often paired with breast lift and/or breast augmentation to address changes to the breasts that are common during pregnancy.

Tummy Tuck FAQs

How long do the results of a tummy tuck last?


The results of a tummy tuck are generally permanent and will last as long as you maintain a healthy weight.

Do I need a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?


This is completely dependent on the patient’s anatomy, how much loose skin there is, how separated the abdominal muscles are, and how much fat there is. Dr. Goggin would need to perform a physical examination to determine what the best option is to reach your aesthetic goals. 

Do you repair the muscles during a Tummy Tuck?


Yes, Dr. Goggin repairs the muscles during a Tummy Tuck. This is called rectus diastasis and it is repaired with multiple layers of stitches.

Can I get pregnant after a Tummy Tuck?


Yes, you can get pregnant after a tummy tuck and the baby will be safe. It is often recommended to wait until you are done having children because there can be loose skin that may need to be addressed after.

What should I expect?


After surgery you will be sore and swollen.  Pain will be managed with medications you are provided. Drainage tubes are placed at the incision site to remove excess fluid and stay in for approximately 1 week. Swelling can last for several weeks. We recommend you wear a compression garment for 6 weeks post-op. You are encouraged to walk a lot after surgery to help reduce the risk of a blood clot. At 3 weeks you may resume light exercise such as treadmill/elliptical. At 6 weeks after surgery you may resume strenuous exercise.

How much does a tummy tuck cost?


The cost of a tummy tuck procedure will depend on the amount of skin to be removed, volume of liposuction required, need for any mesh to repair your abdominal muscles, operating room fees, and time spent under anesthesia. During your consultation, Dr. Goggin will evaluate you and the quote for the cost of your procedure provided.

Will scarring exist?


An abdominoplasty does leave a permanent scar just above the pubic area, but it is low enough to be concealed by a bikini or by low-cut underwear.

Why won’t diet and exercise eliminate the pooch on my stomach?


If you have been unsuccessful at reducing your muffin top with a healthy lifestyle, the most likely explanation is that you have excess (loose) skin that has stretched around your midsection. Unfortunately, diet and exercise cannot get rid of this skin. Cosmetic procedures are the only realistic way to improve skin that no longer drapes tightly around your contours.

What happens to my belly button during tummy tuck?


Unless only a small amount of skin is removed (this procedure is called “mini tummy tuck”), your navel will need to be adjusted. As Dr. Goggin pulls your skin taut, your belly button hole is smoothed out while the belly button stalk remains in place. So that your midsection continues to look normal, Dr. Goggin will create a new hole that is central and proportional to the new size of your abdomen. If you have preferences about how you would like your new belly button to look, you may share that with Dr. Goggin during your consultation.

Should I lose weight before having tummy tuck?


Ideally, you should be at or close to your goal weight before having tummy tuck. When your abdominal skin is tightened, it will fit over your existing contours, so if you expect to gain or lose significant weight in the future, this will undo some of the positive effects of the surgery. Dr. Goggin encourages his patients to be at a steady weight for several months prior to having abdominoplasty to ensure that it is a realistic weight they can maintain.

Will I have any scarring from tummy tuck?


Tummy tuck requires a horizontal incision above the pubic region. This creates a scar that will fade significantly over time, but never disappears entirely. The good news is that Dr. Goggin can place his incision low enough that most types of underwear and bathing suits cover the scar completely. If you are wearing even a minimal amount of clothing, no one should be able to see your abdominoplasty scar.