Breast Augmentation in Fort Worth

Is bigger always better? If you are considering breast augmentation, you obviously wish to increase the size of your bust. But choosing the largest implants possible may not fall in line with your aesthetic goals and preferred proportions. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Goggin offers his professional expertise to his patients to help them be wholly satisfied with their results. He shares some of his thoughts on this subject in this blog.

The Most Relevant Factors When Choosing a Breast Implant Size

Most of the women that Dr. Goggin performs surgery on request results that look as natural as possible. The main way to achieve this goal is to find implants that are proportional to (or slightly larger than) the frame of your body. Women with broader shoulders and wider midsections often need larger implants to fulfill their desired shape, whereas petite women need much smaller implants to reach their preferred shape.

Of course, if you want obviously oversized breasts because you desire a less natural look, that is best achieved with larger implants.

Another factor you may wish to consider is how often you exercise. If you are an athletic woman who goes for jogs or plays sports, you may find oversized breasts affect how you perform. While plenty of sporty women get breast augmentation, they may go smaller so that they may continue enjoying their workouts.

How Dr. Goggin Can Assist

Very few patients show up to their initial appointment knowing exactly what size of implants they want. The usual approach is to come prepared to describe the general proportions you are trying to reach with breast augmentation so that Dr. Goggin can offer some sizes that hit those marks.

The average implant size is between 300cc and 400cc, but you can also choose implants that are significantly smaller or larger. Keep in mind that implant sizes do not match bra cup sizes, so finding the right size is best achieved by trying on the implants beneath your clothing. This gives you the opportunity to see how you look with a certain size and adjust until you see implants that find the proportions you have envisioned.

Take the Next Steps with a Consultation

Whether you want a modest upgrade or a dramatic change with breast augmentation, the best way to ensure that you have a good experience with attractive results is to choose a talented plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic procedures. To schedule a consultation and see for yourself why Dr. Goggin is Fort Worth’s top plastic surgeon, please call 817-961-1950.