Breast Augmentation in Fort Worth

Do you know what the difference is between saline and silicone? Most people don’t give this subject much thought until they decide to have breast augmentation. Dr. James Goggin, a leading plastic surgeon in Fort Worth specializing in cosmetic breast procedures, often discusses the similarities and differences of the two main breast implant options during consultations with his patients. In this blog, Dr. Goggin helps to explain what patients should know when making this important choice.

Implant Texture Choices

Silicone is a rubber-like polymer substance known for its durability. Silicone implants are mainly comprised of a silicone gel surrounded by a silicone shell. While saline implants have the same exterior silicone shell, they contain sterile saltwater inside.

All saline implants are round, but silicone has two shape options: round and form stable. Sometimes known as teardrop implants, form stable implants have a more pendulous sloping shape that more closely mimics the natural contours of a young woman’s breasts.

The Benefits of Each Implant Texture

Silicone implants are ideal for patients who want breasts that look and feel realistic. Silicone implants have more natural movement. The substance also tends to feel more like actual breast tissue, which makes it harder to discern when you or another person touches your breast.

On the other hand, saline implants can offer patients smaller scars. Since these implants can be inserted empty and then filled with saline after they are in position, a smaller incision is required.

The good news it that both types of implants are known to be safe with low complication and rupture risks. If you are exceedingly worried about a breast implant rupturing, then you may be a better candidate for saline implants since saline fluid can safely be expelled from your body without causing any health concerns.

Other Implant Choices

Beyond texture, you will also need to make decisions about the size and shape of your implant. Furthermore, you will need to decide where you want your implants positioned (in front of or behind the pectoral muscles) and where you want the incision placed — around the areola, on the lower breast crease, or inside the armpits. Dr. Goggin will assist you in these choices and can make recommendations based on your unique cosmetic goals.

Choose a Surgeon Who Takes Time to Answer Your Questions

Dr. Goggin is a friendly, board-certified plastic surgeon who wants his patients to feel comfortable and confident in all decisions that they make regarding cosmetic surgery. If you have more implant-related questions and would like to see Dr. Goggin’s impressive portfolio of breast augmentation before-and-after photos, please schedule a consultation by calling 817-961-1950 today.