What To Expect with Plastic Surgery

We care deeply about your comfort and confidence. For some patients, nothing puts them at ease more than being prepared, which is exactly why we lay out the Westside Plastic Surgery procedure gameplan from start to finish.

While this guide is accurate most of time, it’s meant to provide high-level information. As you progress through your journey with us, you’ll be provided a roadmap that is unique to your procedure and specific to you.

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During your consultation, the Westside Plastic Surgery team will obtain and go over your medical history. Dr. Goggin will then perform a physical examination, discuss your goals and give you his professional recommendations. He will review before and after photos and create a personalized surgical plan to reach your desired aesthetic outcome. Dr. Goggin is knowledgeable in the latest research, techniques, and advances in the field to provide you the best care possible. Our team will discuss with you the recovery time, risks of procedure, cost and provide you financing options.

Six Weeks Prior to Surgery

STOP all nicotine products. Nicotine reduces blood flow to the skin and can cause skin necrosis/death. Your pulmonary function can also be impaired and affect ventilation during surgery. You MUST ALSO refrain from smoking for at least 6 weeks after surgery to prevent wound healing complications. 

Pre-Op Appointment

You will have a pre-op appointment 2 weeks before your scheduled surgery date. Our team will give you a pre-operative packet with a list of instructions to prepare you for your upcoming surgery. At your pre-op appointment we will discuss all aspects of your upcoming surgery and answer any remaining questions you may have. All prescriptions for surgery will be prescribed at this time and can be picked up at your local pharmacy. Final payments for surgery are made at this time.

Two Weeks Prior to Surgery

Stop all blood thinner medications- This includes Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Meloxicam, all NSAIDS, vitamin E, fish oil/omega-3 fatty acids.

Week of Surgery

Review pre-operation instructions. Schedule a friend or relative to stay with you the first 24 hours following surgery. Following surgery, report any signs of complications and alert your doctor of any changes in health.

Night Before/Morning of Surgery

Nothing to eat or drink past midnight. Shower with antibacterial (Dial) soap. Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes. We recommend a button-up top and pull-on pants with easy to slip on shoes. Don’t wear a shirt or other clothing that has to be pulled over your head. 

Post-Op Appointments

You will have several appointments after surgery so that our team can check on you and make sure that you are healing appropriately. Typically you will have a post-op appointment 1 day after surgery, 1 week after surgery, 6 weeks after surgery, and 6 months after surgery.

Downtime Estimates

For patients undergoing procedures longer than 6 hours, we often recommend aftercare. These aftercare options come highly recommended, and we’re happy to advise you on which facility is right for you!

Breast Augmentation 3-5 Days
Breast Lift 3-5 Days
Breast Reduction 3-5 Days
Mastopexy Augmentation 5-7 Days
Mommy Makeover 2-3 Weeks
Tummy Tuck 2-3 Weeks
Liposuction 7-10 Days
Facelift 2 Weeks
Browlift 1 Week