Tummy Tuck in Fort Worth

Just about everyone wants a flat and firm stomach, but maintaining a tight body gets trickier over time. Hence, it’s no surprise that abdominoplasty (aka tummy tuck) is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures here in Fort Worth and across the nation. At Westside Plastic Surgery, Dr. James Goggin has many consultations with patients who want to know when the right time to have plastic surgery is. Below, he describes some of the occasions when tummy tuck is most advantageous.

After a Pregnancy

Many women who have always had a flat tummy are disappointed to discover they developed a muffin top after having a baby. This occurs because when the belly grows, it stretches the skin around it. Even after a woman loses baby weight, her skin may not contract to its previous size. Tummy tuck is the ideal way to remove this loose skin to achieve her pre-pregnancy contours.

The main thing for women to remember is that a subsequent pregnancy will almost certainly re-stretch the abdominal skin and cause the same cosmetic issues. For this reason, you may want to wait until your family is complete so that you do not undo the results of this surgery.

After Losing Weight

The best ways to achieve a slimmer physique are to diet and exercise. However, while a healthy lifestyle can help to burn excess fat, it has no effect on the skin. For people who managed to lose weight but still have stretched skin around their midsections, the only real remedy is plastic surgery. Abdominoplasty is the best way to finish flattening the stomach.

After Approaching Middle Age

Two proteins, collagen and elastin, play a big role in the tightness and firmness of the skin. Unfortunately, most people see their collagen and elastin production steadily drop as they reach their late 30s. As the skin becomes increasingly lax, people may notice loose skin around their midsection despite having always maintained a healthy weight. Luckily, the effects of aging and gravity can be improved with tummy tuck. Tightened skin can reduce long-lasting results as long as the patient maintains a steady weight.

Your Decision Is Your Own

If you are considering having a tummy tuck, chances are you’re ready — there is no need to wait for a particular milestone. Dr. Goggin would be happy to meet you for a consultation to answer any questions you may have and assess your candidacy for this elective procedure. Schedule a consultation online or call 817-961-1950 today.